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Solid Chamois Cream is a hygienic protecting cream containing natural vitamin E and herbal extracts. It helps prevent saddle sores, chaffing wounds and skin irritation caused by friction and perspiration during exercise. Contains Saint John's Wort oil and Olive oil. Helps prevent saddle sores, chaffing wounds and skin irritation. Solid Chamois Cream to be used in wet weather conditions.


  • Morgan Blue came to life in 1994. By adding certain additives, our chain cleaner turned blue and distribution in Belgium as launched as an oil, degreaser, and grease. Throughout the years the range of maintenance products for the bike extended and massage products were added to offer a complete package to the bike industry. Morgan Blue produces exceptional quality products for both the bike and rider. All these products are made in house to exacting standards and offer the highest level of performance. We now have 53 maintenance and 15 massage products.

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